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The web is full of Web Hosting providers that offer hosting plans to suit all budgets. Buying a poor hosting will get you nervous and exhausted also physically and will let you lose a lot of money and time spending to create your website. Do you want to reduce the chance of this happening? Here’s what you need to know before you buy hosting. You can use our web hosting pro service.


The real key is to understand what is really a Hosting (or better, a Web Hosting).

The hosting is a service that allows your website (or simple content, such as files, images, videos, etc.) to be reached through the internet. This service is offered by the hosting provider (web host), companies that provide internet connections and space on different physical servers (computers much more powerful than traditional home PCs) on which you can load all of your content.

It is easy to see that the hosting has limited resources, both on the server side and connection.


This is the first question you should ask before you buy a hosting and from where you can get a general idea of ​​the features that you need.

A static website for the submission of a city shop need resources and features much more different from an e-commerce that is much more visited by internet surfers that wish to buy products online. In the case of a physical shop that needs just to present him it is enough a simple hosting that can cost a few dollars a year. In the case of an e-Commerce, you will need a “more powerful” hosting that will be also safe, stable and fast, which results in a considerable increase of the price. Do you want to create a blog? You will need again to have different features than the other two sites we mentioned before; you will need a middle way between the brand site and the eCommerce site.

This is the stage where you’re going to outline more or less what features you really need, and this will define how much the hosting will cost you. Bear in mind that this is an important stage so you won’t lose money in the future:

  • By default: do not make any economy by pretending to need less features than what is really necessary, spending a little “less” will get you to have a website that is not performing, in this case, you will lose money in the future.
  • In excess: if you have too many features on your hosting, you will just pay more money for something that you will not use in the future.

What should we do?

Look for a hosting service where you can “climb” the resources in a transparent way, by paying the difference and not the entire amount every time you need extra features. In this way, even if you do not have a clear idea of ​​how many resources you need, you can start with basic hosting and then proceed to a more professional one in the future.

For example, do you know how much web space you need to buy? Well, make sure that the hosting will allow you to escalate the web space in a transparent way (and paying only the difference), then buy a lower web space (start with 5 GB if you can, it’s quicker) and then move to the next one in the future (i.e. 10 GB).

Our professional can help you at this stage with a tailored solution. We also can give you some free extra hosting if you use our VPS.

Contact us for more information at info@seotrafficonline.com

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