Improve the credibility of a website with the Search Engines

Anyone can create a Twitter account, start a blog, or launch a Facebook fan page. And everyone, from 13 years to 85 years old, can pretend to be an interesting 20 year old person.

All search engines want to make sure to return the search results more reliable, at least legitimate, to its users. To ensure the quality, the search engines are working to determine the credibility of a site.

Factors to monitor (and improve) the credibility of a website to the search engines crawlers

Search engines evaluate a number of factors to determine the legitimacy of a site, and some of them can enhance their credibility. We will illustrate you in six points the basis to make your site enjoyable for the search engine crawlers:

In Link: The search engines can see links leading from external sites, to a website as a sign of reliability. The Incoming links are the virtual equivalent of an advice for the site. More effective and credible is the linking site, more “believable ” it appears to Bing, Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

Out link: The outbound links are the links on a site that point to external sites. If the external site to which the link is irrelevant or has a bad ranking the reliability of the site will decrease.

Clean site with no errors:  Missing Images, spelling errors and 404 errors are serious factors that can make a loss of credibility to your site.

Traffic: More traffic you can get, more buzz you create more reliable you become.

Website easy navigation:  An easy navigation site can encourage new visitors to get easily the information they need. If your site is difficult to navigate, the bounce rate of your website (the percentage of users who leave your site immediately) will be higher and you will loss ranking in the search engines (SERP). It is argued by many experts that this factor indicates to the search engines if your site is not liked, and maybe is not properly present in the search query.

The XML Sitemap: Your site must be easy to navigate for humans, and also for the search engine spiders.

An XML sitemap acts as a “road map” leading through the labyrinth of a site where the robot will scan each page in the web site xml sitemap that at the same time will allow to index pages more quickly and accurately.

Most websites have two sitemaps: one visible from frontend, based on a list of existing pages within the site, and an XML file for the crawler engines.

What we pointed on this page is the basis of SEO. We can improve your site with more SEO technique by optimizing your site at the TOP. Feel free to contact us and we will impress you with our experts.