It is a known fact that building links seems to be very difficult. While getting the google friendly links, the preference should be quality and not the quantity. It is also a known fact which everyone knows that the websites which are having links on the very first page of google search put much extra effort than those who are behind them. So, here you are getting to know about various tips which will help you out in getting more links in a manner that are google friendly.

Get complete know how of your rivals

All those websites who are ahead in placing links on the webpages are your competitors in search. It is not necessary that the same page would be your business competitor as well. So, in order to know your rival in a better way, firstly you are required to get a complete list of all those keywords that are required to be ranked for. Like, if you are having a website that is about online student portal then you must be having a list of keywords that includes the “online student guide” so that whenever anyone goes to google and search for online student portal then you will be able to see the rankings of your competitors which are above you in google search. By doing so, you can actually come to know about all those websites which fall in the category of your rivals.

Have a look on best links by your rivals

Many tools are there available online by using which you can become able to find the partners in the same link you are working and the link which associates your competitors with you by making it possible to create various kinds of projects for you. In this way, you can become able to get the best links out on which your rivals are working out.

Look for the sites through which your competitors have been linked  

You can find out the various number of pages that have been indexed in google search engine and from that index you can easily find out the sites through which your competitors have been linked together. By doing so, you will become able to add more and more competitors in the list which is being worked out by you for getting the entire links of the rival’s websites.

Don’t forget to look for penalties by google

You should check the google algorithm for have a keen look on the relevant domain of your rival and get your link ensured by the link opportunity and find out that if link is of highest quality or not. This will help you out in entering in to the number of traffic that has been on a particular rival website.

You can take advantage of any of the tips mentioned above and keep this thing in mind that you are looking for having quality and not the quantity of links. The above mentioned tips will definitely help you out in bringing more visitors to your website.