Now is time to leverage the opportunities that google provide you to rank better. Google is constantly changing based on user behavior. A research found that 53% of website traffic is organic.


Are the lifeblood of your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). This is one of Google Ranking Factors.

Best quality content

Your content is vital and essential for your ranking. A combination of backlinks and content will implement your SEO efforts by working together to show on Google and other SERP.

Don’t be stressed about all Google’s Ranking Factors

There is a big difference between the keyword ranking impact present in the page title and the headers versus the page load speed, secured pages (HTTPS) and your website mobile friendly appearance.

I suggest to constantly change your page titles and H1, H2 and H3 headers to improve your ranking.

Ranking factors varies by user query and industry. You must consider that your SEO effort will be always variable and change constantly

Today we have more than 200 ranking factors. I list you just few of them:

1. Your Domain Age

2. Your domain that include and begin with your target keyword

3. Your domain length

4. Keyword in your subdomain pages

5. Domain “reset” history

6. Your whois is private or public

7. Your keyword in title tag (is a minor signal)

8. Your title tag starts with a keyword perform better that one without

9. Appearance of keyword in H1 tag as a secondary title

10. Your content length (the more we have the better it is)

11. You want more…. ASK ME

BERT is coming in with a natural language processing algorithm

Today’s algorithm understand the type of wording context in your queries. At this stage google can rank better your website with more relevant content and not necessarily with your targeted keywords.

It’s no time to celebrate if your are Rank First on Google

If you think that being first on google will increase your traffic dramatically, FORGET IT!

Probably you are asking “WHY?”. The answer is very simple.

In a high competitive market, before your N. 1 Top ranking you will see Google Ads (with several advertisers that bid high to be there), than some images and videos, shopping results and the new Google Ask Box.

At this stage you are not anymore FIRST, but at least the 5th or the 10th

Probably your next question is “so, WHAT CAN I DO?, simply ask me

Investigate and refine your keyword phrases

Make more keyword research, analyze your competitors ranking and explore all the opportunities that can rank you better. Don’t forget the long tail keyword and consider new one that you never considered.

Increase your website authority and trust

Use Google Evaluator Guidelines for this purpose, he will help you to understand your site authority and trust.

Don’t neglect your page URLs

Make them short to gain their effectiveness and reflect your content in the URLs.

Your answer boxes and featured snippets need to be optimized

Don’t worry, google consider it as a secondary signal factor. Make it your last priority before all your previous “ACTION ITEMS” 🙂

I believe now that also your images need optimization

Optimize your images size, name and alt tag text for a better and more effective SEO success.

Define your website content by using schema markup

Your semantic vocabulary of tags need to be optimized. Your schema code will help search engine to understand what your content means. Using this feature will help you to show how your website information will be displayed on Google an in other search engines.

Excite your visitors with videos

Videos are an SEO opportunity that can engage your visitors to be more time on your site and decrease your bounce rate as well as increase your ranking.

Include your website address and long tail keyword in your descriptions. DON’T forget to transcript the speech for a better ranking.

Fix your crawl issues

Too many redirects, bad website structure are just few of the crawling issues that google can recognize.

Crawl issue affect your website performance and your ranking on google. If you need an audit to see whether your site is ok or not. Feel free to contact us and we will do it for you.

Improve your ranking factors in 2020

Google ranking factors are continuously fluctuating. Get updated on new ranking signals and apply the most important on your website.

Improve your brand presence and of course increase the content on your website, optimize the pages, get more backlinks, make your audit once a month to see that everything is working properly.

If you need more information, contact us by filling the form below.

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