Google Advertising or better known as Google Adwords

google adwordsHighly profiled customers, visibility on the pages of Google, independent management of the budget and maximum control over the results of Google advertising. That’s why thousands of enterprises have chosen to advertise on Google!

Give your products and services to those who really are looking for it

Compare to those who invest advertising on flyers, billboards, radio and TV and spending a lot of money to “shoot in a pile”, who advertises on Google decides to beat exactly who is looking for his products and services.

With the CPC (cost per click), you only pay when they click on your advertising

On Google Adwords there are views and clicks: the first refers to the number of times an ad is displayed and the seconds are the actual clicks your ads receive.

If your ads on Google Adwords appear thousands of times every day, but you get 50 clicks, you pay only for those 50 clicks: no waste of money and at the same time, you make your brand famous as thousands of people see it and you don’t spend a cent more.

Sell ​​your products and services on your neighborhood and around the world in a click …

You have an insurance agency in New York and want to find new customers all around?

With the location setup, you can extend your advertising for a range of 10 to 15 km (as an example) or narrow the field to show your ads only to your country citizens.

Oppositely, you have a product or service that you want to sell in Italy or in China? With Google Advertising in a few seconds you can expand your business nationally and worldwide.

Advertising on Google never sleeps: it works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Would you ever found a TV channel or radio that will broadcast your spots continuously?

Think about it … Google Adwords is the only form of advertising that allows you to be always visible: every day of the year at any time.

That means that if your potential customers are searching for your product or service, they can see your advertising at 10 am, at 2 pm as well as 3 am, without any limitation.

Your visibility will be so improved that nobody can lose any of your ads!

You choose how much to spend for your advertising

google quality scoreWith Google Adwords, there isn’t any budget limitation: you can decide to spend a few Dollars per day or hundreds (and change your mind at any time). The question is: what is the right budget to invest?

It will be the same campaign to tell you. If you’ve set a budget of $ 50 per day and they finish in the middle of the morning, this will be the case to increase the investment (and optimize your campaign if you have not already done so).

Keep in mind that the more you can stay on the first page with your advertising on Google, the more contacts you will be able to bring home.

Google Adwords grant you maximum visibility on the first page on Google

There are two ways to obtain maximum visibility on the pages of Google: the natural ranking on search engines and paid advertising on Adwords.

The first, is asking more time and hard working, takes some months of work but most forward-looking and hard-working, takes months and months of work , the second one, allows you to reach a nice visibility in less than five minutes.

If you’ve never done business with SEO ranking and you rush to find new customers, choose the second solution.

Your advertising on thousands of specialized websites

Not everyone knows that advertising on Google Adwords isn’t just “associated with the search network” (i.e. there is only a selection of keywords for which you show your ads).

There is also advertising on Google’s partner sites.

In this case, your ads are placed within other websites (in some way related to the product or service you’re selling).

As in the case of a famous bike producer that decides to have their ads appear in a promotional website that talks about sports bikes and free ride: maximum stimulation and contact request almost assured.

Make retargeting to encourage those who already knows you

Leaning the mechanism of the cookie (a kind of tracking code), Google Adwords allows you to continue to show your ads during the normal navigation of those who have previously visited your website.

Why retargeting is so effective? Because it keeps alive the memory of your brand to your potential customers and also lets you promote products related to those already purchased, as it motivates people to buy a product that they have added in your website cart and never bought it.

Maximum control over the results in real time

As explained before: finding new customers in less than 24 hours with a good Adwords campaign with Google Adwords is a very useful tool for the ” conversion tracking “, you can track every contact request (or purchase) that comes to your site, to understand what are the keywords or the type of advertisement with a greatest return, how much cost you the conversion and lot of other data to improve your campaign.

So tell us … What other advertising tool gives such a control over your sales?

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